We commit to promote the success of our customers and communities, provide high quality financial services and maintain a strong, safe financial institution.The First National Bank and Trust Co.


A History of Strength, Family Ownership

In a world where change is constant and rapid, some important things never change. One community bank has served central and southwest Oklahoma – under local, independent, family ownership – for 125 years!

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New technologies have modernized everything imaginable in banking, but The First National Bank & Trust Co. is proud to remain squarely focused on local decisions, community enrichment and small-business growth.

FNBT was born as Citizens Bank in August 1892, in Chickasha, Indian Territory. In 1900, with assets exceeding $174,000, the institution became a national bank under the name Citizens National Bank.

The bank enjoyed steady growth, and by 1929, when the Great Depression rocked America’s financial foundations, we reached our first $1 million in assets and merged with another bank to become Citizen-Farmers National Bank. We became First National Bank in 1938.

Some companies – like people – let prosperity change their personality. But not this bank. Our steady focus on health in business and agriculture provided this and surrounding communities with a solid institution it could rely upon for financial leadership. Today, our $310 million in lending strengthens business, industry, agriculture, energy, families and churches, across six counties.

In April 1931, our striking legacy building was erected at the corner of Chickasha Avenue and 3rd Street. Its classical design, featuring limestone and granite, has been a downtown landmark, even as it was expanded substantially in 1966, 1999 and 2015.

In the 1950s, FNBT built a drive-up teller booth that literally popped up hydraulically from the sidewalk, offering curb service to automobile traffic. Bank lore says it was Oklahoma’s first.

Who knew that “drive-thru banking” would be so popular? Apparently, we did! From that first “pop-up drive-thru,” we added three more drive-thru lanes in 1973 at a new facility three blocks west of the downtown bank on Chickasha Avenue. Today we offer 15 drive-thru lanes in Chickasha, and 21 more at other locations!

In 1965, the bank’s name was expanded too. We became First National Bank & Trust Co., as the U.S. Comptroller approved the addition of a full-service Trust Department. Today we serve several generations of families with trust accounts who need expert personal service in managing their family properties, mineral interests, farmland and assets of every kind.

Our total assets grew steadily from $1 million during the Great Depression … to $100 million in 1994 … to $336 million in 2010 … to $500 million today.

In 2000, the bank created a mortgage company that now offers our unique SuperLocal Home Loans through every location of the bank. During the same year, we began offering online banking through bankFNBT.com.

From our first location, opened in 1892, to 10 more opened between 1973 and 2009, our service area footprint has grown dramatically:

1973  Drive-In (downtown)

1985   Buffalo (Grand Avenue, Chickasha)

1994   Alex (Formerly First National Bank)

1996   Rush Springs (Formerly First National Bank)

1999   Downtown Chickasha (Expansion for Trust Services)

2001   Minco (Formerly First American Bank) 

2003    Tuttle (Formerly TriStar National Bank)

2003   Blanchard (Formerly TriStar National Bank)

2003   Newcastle (TriStar National Bank)

2005   Bridge Creek (ATM Stop)

2007   Eagle Branch (new, expanded drive-in bank, downtown Chickasha)

2007   Cyril (Formerly Cyril State Bank)

2009   Blanchard (ATM Stop)

2009   SW Oklahoma City (new construction)

2015   Downtown Expansion (for FNBT Operations and Technology)

Besides locations, FNBT has steadily grown in services too. Customers can now bank from home or anywhere through a dozen online and mobile services, the latest of which is FNBT Mobile Deposit, launched in March 2015!