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Commercial & Small Business Loan Products

You can relax because we have the experience needed to fit your business with a loan that meets your business' need. Specific loan products include:

  • Commercial Real Estate and Construction Loans for developers and builders;
  • Commercial Term Loans for business expansion, machinery, equipment, or other long-term capital requirements;
  • Working Capital Loans for financing accounts receivable, purchase inventory, or borrow short-term for other business purposes based on your cash flow requirements;
  • Energy Loans for the oil and gas industry. Our lenders can assist in providing your business the financial resources you need to acquire or explore properties or to assist in your energy operations;
  • Agribusiness Loans for the purchase of machinery, equipment, stocker cattle, general operating funds or any other agricultural need;
  • Special Purpose Loans can be initiated when the business borrowing needs don't always fit into a pre-defined category. Our lenders are familiar with the unique business demands of today's economy. They can structure a loan that fits your individual requirements.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans are tailored to the individual needs of your business. It can be for business financing, refinancing, expansion and enhancing your bottom line. The United States SBA loan proceeds can be used for business start ups, purchasing new franchises, machinery, equipment, inventory, working capital, or for purchasing or building owner-occupied commercial real estate. Loan maturities are flexible and vary depending on how the funds are used.