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Trust Services

What is the trustee responsible to do?

  • Collect all your trust income.
  • Distribute the income, reinvest it, or use the income to pay bills as directed in your trust document.
  • Maintain complete records for your trust.
  • Arrange to have your personal and trust tax returns prepared.
  • Make investment decisions for your assets.

Our customers who appoint us as trustee rely on us to be both impartial in our investment decision making and in how we treat their beneficiaries. Our responsibility is to follow the instructions they give us in their trust agreement and in any amendments they make later.

The employees in Trust Services are full-time, professional trustees. An individual trustee may be pressed for the time to properly attend to the responsibilities of a trust. Illness, vacations, business matters, or personal concerns may compete with administration and decision-making for the trust. In contrast, we are available year-round, and we know from experience how to administer a trust and serve its beneficiaries.